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We know both sides of employment law, and this experience allows us to provide sophisticated representation to employers and employees. Let us protect your rights.


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Individualized Representation For Employers And Employees

Whether you are an employer or employee, facing legal concerns at work is extremely stressful. In either matter, your livelihood may be at risk. Our attorneys’ understanding of each party’s needs and rights means that we are well-positioned as negotiators and litigators in employment law cases.

Additionally, by fostering close relationships and taking the time to truly understand a client’s objectives, we are able to lay the foundation for completely customized representation. You will appreciate the difference this makes in every aspect of our work with you.

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Experienced Litigators In State, Federal And Local Employment Law Cases

At Saluck, Halper & Lehrman, we are committed to protecting the rights and interests of workers and employers. Our experienced lawyers can draft or review employment contracts and severance agreements. We help workers facing issues such as discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

We also help businesses with the employer side of these issues as well as assisting them with incorporating policies and procedures that will ensure their workers are treated fairly and lawfully. You can be certain that our attorneys understand your business’s needs and will work tirelessly to find a resolution to the problem.

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