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Personalized Contract Drafting And Reviewing

Contracts in employment law can have high stakes for both employers and employees. If you need to either draft or review an employment law agreement, the details matter. You want a knowledgeable attorney involved who understands the importance of every contract term in your document and will personalize each document to your needs.

At Saluck, Halper & Lehrman, all three of our attorneys have over 25 years of legal experience. They are a team of dedicated, skilled employment law attorneys who will be relentless when it comes to protecting your rights. We serve the entire New York City metropolitan area.

Covering Sensitive And Important Issues

Employment contracts are important because they often cover issues that are sensitive or significant to either the employer, the employee or both. Contracts often either cover terms for hiring an employee or terms for terminating an employee. In the U.S., many employers hire workers as “at-will” employees. That means either side can terminate the employment relationship for any reason, as long as it does not violate discrimination laws. Employers do often us contracts for employment for executives and other high-ranking employees.

When it comes to employment termination, employers may use a few different written agreements, such as:

  • Severance agreements – These may lay out the terms for an employee’s departure, including expectations for certain behaviors or foregoing legal action in exchange for a final payout of compensation.
  • Noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements – Though often signed at the beginning of employment, these agreements actually go into effect when an employee leaves and limit the employee’s ability to work for a local competitor or to solicit customers away from the employer.
  • Nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements – For various reasons, either side may want certain aspects of the employee’s time with the company kept confidential, though the employer more often requests these. They can also be used to protect certain trade secrets or sensitive information owned by the company after the employee leaves.

Contracts can help employers set certain expectations for employees and protect them in the case of a dispute. We can help you determine what types of employment agreements might work well for your business.

How Do We Help You Negotiate Or Litigate Your Agreement?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we will prepare, negotiate or review your employment contracts or agreement. We understand how to optimize an agreement for either side. If we are reviewing an existing contract, we can strike or modify in redline the items that are not favorable or enforceable. When disputes arise, we are ready to defend your rights in litigation.

With employees, we often spend time educating our clients on different issues and terminology, like what a nonconfidentiality really means or their compensation structure. If a terminated employee has an employment contract, we will look to see if they had an offer letter and if the termination followed the contract. We will also explain whether they might have ongoing obligations after termination, as well as any benefits or compensation the employer may owe them.

Talk To An Attorney Before Signing

Far too often, people sign legally binding documents without the advice of a lawyer. You can lose your rights with the stroke of a pen. Does your severance agreement include a clause to protect eligibility for unemployment benefits? Will you be protected as you seek another job? Does it require mandatory arbitration? Will you have to pay back your severance payment if you violate certain terms?

Make sure you understand your rights and obligations by talking to an attorney. You can schedule a free initial consultation at our office in White Plains or Westport by calling 914-247-0825 or reaching out to us online.